Kimdoly Beads

This shop used to be on Denman in downtown. I thought they shut down, but apparently, they just moved to a different location – on Granville Island! 103-1551 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC

Haven’t been to the new location yet, but they have a wide selection of beads and tools, run by friendly Chinese people (if the owners are the same as before). Get some supplies and start beading! 😀

Kimdoly Beads:

St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc.

St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc.’s a great design firm in Vancouver, BC.

Lots of IDEA students work there 😀 and it’s not a surprise since the co-founder of St. Bernadine teaches the IDEA program at Capilano University.

They’ve done a lot of big campaigns and branding, especially for beer companies and Granville Island.
They’ve got a unique sense of humour, to the point they have their own giftshop online where you can purchase St. Bernadine goods. Below is a bobblehead you can buy. LOL