Stationery Style

This site is great for inspiration and getting ideas. A useful feature is the “Filter Results” option on the main menu bar. It’ll filter it so that if you’re only interested in seeing logo designs, they will do that for you in an instant. It will also tell you the designer and client, if you’re interested in contacting them.


Kimdoly Beads

This shop used to be on Denman in downtown. I thought they shut down, but apparently, they just moved to a different location – on Granville Island! 103-1551 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC

Haven’t been to the new location yet, but they have a wide selection of beads and tools, run by friendly Chinese people (if the owners are the same as before). Get some supplies and start beading! 😀

Kimdoly Beads:

St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc.

St. Bernadine Mission Communication Inc.’s a great design firm in Vancouver, BC.

Lots of IDEA students work there 😀 and it’s not a surprise since the co-founder of St. Bernadine teaches the IDEA program at Capilano University.

They’ve done a lot of big campaigns and branding, especially for beer companies and Granville Island.
They’ve got a unique sense of humour, to the point they have their own giftshop online where you can purchase St. Bernadine goods. Below is a bobblehead you can buy. LOL