A friend recently bought me Danier leather gloves for my birthday.

It had a nice box that could be easily flattened. Tissue paper was branded with the ‘D’ logo, as well as the sticker to keep it closed. 🙂

Close up.

I think the bag could have done a little better. Plastic bags, even with those handle just don’t give it a high-end quality look and feel to it. But the design is nice.

The hangtag is very lovely. The ‘D’ you see is UV on the paper. Very simple but effective.


Jukebox Printers

Woo hoo! is just right! Excited to receive my own free sample pack from Jukebox!

The woo~ continues with metallic printing on the back of the envelope. Closed with a happy smiley sticker!

Open up the envelope and it’s a compartment with different business cards and postcards in the pouch!  Very well packaged!
An impressive sample pack!

Even includes a nice discount card for your next print order 😀

Plus, a personalized letter – with again, metallic printing on the side…shiny!

Woooo! So many good samples. Good to see a variety!

Ah! You can’t see it well, but the pattern is all gold metallic! Very lovely.

So it looks like a regular black card. So what right? Wrong! It’s actually suede! It feels fuzzy~! 😀

Go check out their website: http://www.jukeboxprint.com and get your prints done at Jukebox today!


So all designers (for print) needs a printer. It’s good to choose one that you can work well with. I went to Clubcard in downtown Vancouver near the Waterfront Station. They had a little sample package, and I also went into the shop to ask more questions with the staff, and got more samples from their clients.

The great thing about their website, is that they list all the prices for the services they provide. There are many options for each one, (Gloss, matte, etc). You can also ask for a quote on special items, such as buttons, or printing on special materia.

Prices are pretty good, and the staff are really friendly. I’ve been really satisfied with their service and products!

Office Hours
Monday to Friday
10am – 6pm PST
Closed on Holidays

608 West Cordova Street
British Columbia
V6B 5A7

Phone (604) 801.6364
Toll-Free (866) 801.6364
Fax (604) 682.8772

Clearly Contacts

I’ve always seen Clearly Contacts ads everywhere, and was tempted to purchase through them, but I always had doubts about the quality and service. It was also a problem that I couldn’t try them on to see how they fit, like you’d be able to do in retail.

However, Clearly Contacts was doing a free giveaway! So I only had to pay for the shipping which was about $14. It’s usually a $70 frame, but the frame and lens were FREE!

It’s a tad bit loose, but I’m pretty happy about the glasses. Better than spending $400 on a pair of glasses!
Now, I can even look a bit more like a designer with these designer-glasses. LoL.

Per Diem

Per Diem is a neat blog that posts a photo a day that goes with the theme that they have chosen. For a while, they did letters of the alphabet, where people found the letters either by accident, or intentionally made them from everyday objects. Then they moved on to ‘things that looks like faces’, which was pretty interesting. Now they’re doing some scratch projects.

Really neat. Go check it out 🙂