Clearly Contacts

I’ve always seen Clearly Contacts ads everywhere, and was tempted to purchase through them, but I always had doubts about the quality and service. It was also a problem that I couldn’t try them on to see how they fit, like you’d be able to do in retail.

However, Clearly Contacts was doing a free giveaway! So I only had to pay for the shipping which was about $14. It’s usually a $70 frame, but the frame and lens were FREE!

It’s a tad bit loose, but I’m pretty happy about the glasses. Better than spending $400 on a pair of glasses!
Now, I can even look a bit more like a designer with these designer-glasses. LoL.


2 thoughts on “Clearly Contacts

  1. Did you actually get a pair of glasses from them? I nearly got a free one from them several months ago but it was so difficult to obtain the measurements that I finally gave up. 🙂

  2. Yes! The glasses you see in the photo is what I ordered and received. Really? the measurements or the prescription should be written on the prescription that the optometrist gave you. As for the eye width apart, get someone to measure it for you – it’ll be easier and more accurate 🙂

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