Waves Coffee

Waves Coffee (Howe & Smithe) on Urbanspoon
Like Blenz, another Vancouver-based coffee shop that’s grown over the years.

I tend to go to Starbucks, but recently went to Waves for a craft lesson I held at one of their meeting rooms they have.
It’s free to use the room, as long as you (and other people who will use the meeting room) to purchase a drink.
Not all locations have a meeting room, so be sure to check out their website for locations.

I’ve definitely fallen in love with their Rooibus Cappuccino. It’s made like the regular cappuccino, but with rooibus tea.
This is great if you don’t drink caffeine (it’s caffeine free), or you simply love tea more than coffee. I have not yet seen this drink anywhere else!

With a lot of people on the run…especially in downtown, and everyone carrying their coffee cups, it’s no brainer that Waves came up with their simple, yet brilliant lid.
Ever started running for that bus that you don’t want to miss, only to end up spilling coffee over your nice coat? I’ve done it so many times T_T

With Waves’ lid, you slide the compartment, and it closes! Keeps the liquid inside the cup, and maybe even warm longer.

And then when you want to drink, slide the tab, and viola! A hole!

Their branding isn’t very strong…which is why I think why so many people confuse Waves with the other coffee shops – I know I did before I started to closely look at all the different cafes.
I heard that some of their desserts are better than the other competitors, so I know that they do have good food and drinks! And like I mentioned, the only big-chain coffee shop that has private meeting rooms for customers. (you will need to book the rooms in advanced)


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