eBook Process: Part 1 “Gift From the Moon”

Well! This is exciting! I’m working on a children illustration ebook called “Gift from the Moon” for Kindle!!! 😀
I did the illustration and story way back in 2004 for a book contest. It didn’t win, but I really enjoyed the process and the end result.
Originally, it was written in Japanese, but then when I started thinking of actually publishing (hardcopy), I thought of adding the English version together, so that you’d get two languages in one book! Below is what it looked like when it was printed on a laser-printer. It looks pretty decent, no? However, with the cost of printing on the press, and thinking about storage and distribution and all that, my dreams came to a halt.

But now with the increasing popularity of ebooks, both for consumers and authors, my dreams of publishing my very own book may not be just a dream, but a reality.

Here is what it looks like when opened with the Kindle app (free) on a PC and Mac computer. It’s been quite a headache trying to get the text to float on top of the image. I am no coder, and though I’m ok with basic HTML, the CSS drove me nuts – so I’m happy that it looks ok, despite getting two warning messages when put through the KindleGen to make the mobi file.

I tried opening the book on my Kindle app on my Android phone, but it kept crashing. However, since it opens on my friend’s phone, it may not be the file that’s corrupt, but my phone needs to upgrade to Gingerbread 2.3 for the Kindle to work properly – but that, is a whole another story of headaches with technology. LOL

I’m really hoping that after all of this, that it’ll be accepted by Amazon!! Keep your fingers crossed!

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting on how my ebook looks on the black and white Kindle! So stay tuned!!


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