Kishimoto Sushi Restaurant

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen on Urbanspoon

I have been to many sushi restaurant, but Kishimoto is the only one I know so far that takes sushi to another level. Creating beautiful ‘art’ from sushi, it’s almost too good to eat them. Right on commercial, several blocks away from Broadway-Commercial station, this place seems to be always packed, so be prepared to wait in line for a bit. This time, we were super lucky and got a table right away.

If you’re looking into eating a lot – this is probably not the place to go, unless you’ve got the wallet to do so. The sushi are on the pricey side for a small portion. However, the reason why I recommend this sushi restaurant to everyone – telling them you must go at least once, is for the visual experience. The taste is also very good, so feast with both eyes and mouth!

Negitoro roll, salmon, tuna, ebi nigiri and more. The candle holder is thinly cut daikon (Japanese radish!) The presentation is beautiful!

Delicate butterfly made from carrot on the wasabi! Most of the decorations are edible 🙂

It’s a busy small place so you might have to wait for a while for the food to arrive as well. But it’s totally worth it! Happy sushi eating! 😀

2054 Commercial Drive, Vancouver | Mon: Closed, Tue – Sun: 11:30AM – 2PM & 5PM – 10PM


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