Sorry, no great post today…I am sick with Tonsillitis ( inflammation of the tonsils caused by either bacteria or virus).

It sucks that I am stuck in bed. I’ve missed a bowling event over the weekend which I was really looking forward to…I also didn’t get to go to IKEA to buy my sofa…now my living room is empty with no place to sit until Sunday…

It’s good that yesterday was Remembrance Day – a holiday meaning no work…but I had to call in sick today T_T…ahhh, falling behind…I had already taken some time of 4 weeks ago for a different infection. I dunno how my body puts up with so many infections and antibiotics.

I have photos of my tonsils, but decided not to upload as they look disgusting and don’t want to gross anybody out…but they’re red and have white spots on them…

So far, I am experiencing fever, chills, malaise, fatigue, body aches, some ear pain, headaches, swelling inside and outside throat…

When I went to the doctor, I told him I think I have tonsillitis. He gave a 2 second look at my tonsils and said ‘yup.’ He prescribed me antibiotics. He didn’t take any strep test.

If you are also suffering from Tonsillitis, here are some tips to help you cope and heal faster:

Drink cold liquids or suck on popsicles
Drink lots of fluids, especially warm (not hot), bland fluids
Gargle with warm salt water
For relief of pain and fever, take acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil)

Rest lots! Don’t go to school or work! It will benefit you from getting worse, and everyone else by not spreading the germ to your co-wokers and students.

I’m sorry if I don’t get to post for the next few days…but I’ll be back with more exciting posts! so stay tuned~:)


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