Ocean Breeze Spa

1025 Mainland Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R6
Neighbourhoods: Downtown, Yaletown

(604) 669-9700

I bought a threading coupon from SocialShopper for $7. Regular is $15. I was skeptical of buying because of the previous reviews on Yelp, but thought I’d try it out for myself, especially since it was 50% off – and only 7 bucks.

The cashier at the front was friendly when I walked in (though not so much when leaving), but the person doing the threading wasn’t. After it was done, she was a bit rough rubbing lotion around my eyes and forehead… she didn’t clean any of my eyebrows that were threaded, so once I came home, I saw plucked eyebrows all over my face! Embarrassing, after the fact that I had gone to several shops afterward! and when you have black hair – it’s noticeable. She also didn’t do a good job, so I had to use my tweezers once back home for some missed hair.

Verdict: I wont be going back!


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