Yoga @ Unihealth

I started going to this small health centre early spring last year. It was close by, and it was really cheap.
It’s hard to rate this, as things have changed since back then.

Unihealth® Group provides the public with very affordable, alternative to deal with health issues without the use of surgery or drugs to healing. Their healing philosophy is derived from a mix of Eastern tradition and Western influence. So yoga isn’t their main focus. It’s just one of the many services they offer.

An year ago, the downtown Vancouver location (they have several locations throughout the Lower Mainland) hosted two or three yoga classes everyday (10-15 classes/week). Now, it has dwindled down to 5 classes in total over a week (7 days). I can not make to 2 of them since they are right after 5pm, and I can not there from work that quickly…which leaves me only 3 classes to choose from.

You must wonder why I still go to it then. That’s because this summer, DealFind had a really good deal: only $99 for a year membership. It meant unlimited yoga for one full year! (they are like $60-70 per month unlimited, or $15 for drop-in)

The yoga room is small, only room for about 10 people. 8 would be ideal. Because space is limited, either book your next class when you are there, or phone in early to book a spot. The instructors are really good, and very helpful. Again, the small class size means that the instructors are able to help individuals with their specific issues they may face during class.

I am hoping they will not completely cut all yoga classes. I’ve very much enjoyed their classes, much better than some of the other big places. I will not likely be renewing my membership, but I still have many months to go until then. Afterward, I’ll likely do drop-ins since I don’t have that much time anyways. Check online at their schedule for when classes are offered near you.

I’ve read on Yelp that a lot of others bought the same voucher, and were very unhappy…so not sure if I can recommend this place anymore. I do agree with the receptionist having an attitude at times.

Updated review: March 05, 2013
Well, I haven’t gone back much. Since buying the membership I mentioned, I’ve only gone to 4 classes. What a shame. The last time I tried booking, I called, and the main receptionist picked up. It was like 10 past 5pm on a weekday. I wanted to book for that evening’s 6:30pm class. She told me to call and leave a voice message and hung up. She said it in a such a rude way I was totally turned off. If she’s there, why can’t she just simply write me down on the schedule? Is it that hard? And her rudeness has been noted by others that I talked to. Now I am really reluctant to go there again…and my membership is expiring soon. What a shame…


(ratings are out of 5 carrots)



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