Inspection Site

Now I don’t want to make people paranoid. But this site (for BC Lower Mainland) residents can check inspection reports on different businesses. Under the report type, you can choose ‘Food Establishment’ to check on how clean the restaurants you go to, or want to go and eat is doing.

Vancouver Coast Health Inspection Site

It may not indicate however how clean the restaurant actually is. I checked one sushi restaurant (Sushi Station in North Vancouver) on this site which in reality wasn’t that pleasant, with flies flying around, and food served on dirty dishes. I had a very bad bowel movement afterward, though I can’t say for sure if it was from that, since I wasn’t feeling all that well that time to begin with. But I know a friend of mine also had a not-so-happy tummy incident before. It’s one restaurant I’ll never go back to.

Perhaps you if want to check out the overall review of the restaurant, then maybe checking out sites like Urban Spoon is better.

However, Sushi Station had a rating of 84%! (at the time this post was published)

I guess somethings, you have to go and see for yourself to know whether you’ll be a returning customer.

Happy Eating :)


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