BCAA – a must have for drivers in BC

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So for almost 2.5 years of getting a vehicle, I wasn’t a member of the BCAA. I ran into a couple of problems (tore my tires once, but a auto shop was likely only a couple blocks away, my starter wouldn’t start up, etc). It wasn’t until I had a flat tire at work and all the auto shop were closed for the day. I called some close by auto service places like Canadian Tires, but they didn’t tow, so it meant I would actually have to get the car there somehow…I could see dollars flying out of my wallet…I started to panic.

My coworker told me to wait till morning, and become a member of the BCAA. I went home that night by public transit (luckily in an area that is conveniently located by the train station) and called them up the next day.

I was happy to know that when I called them up, they were able to come fix the tire half an hour or so after becoming a member. That cost like $25 extra, but I needed it, and it wasn’t much. I got the basic plan for $87.25 which includes 4 emergency roadside calls, towing of up to 5km free or to nearest garage, battery boost, delivery gas (at cost), open locked doors, up to $50 in locksmith, bike assistance, safe ride home and up to $250 in roadtrip interruption benefits. I thought that was very worth the membership!

I’m really glad that I did, since this week, I had another flat tire. Again! Vancouver roads must be terrible! Could be because I drive through several construction areas to and back from home and work. But the fix was included in the membership, so no further loss of money there. Even if you have a brand new car, you never know what you might run into. You can easily forget your keys inside. I also feel safer knowing that I can call them anytime, in case I need assistance.

I definitely recommend BCAA if you drive! It’s a must have!! Safe Driving!

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