Kimura Sushi

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My boss had raved about Kimura Sushi for sometime, so I was looking forward to going there for the company’s xmas lunch.

Because it was my boss, I thought it was a fancy sushi restaurant, but when I got there, it was a regular small-sized restaurant. It was full with some waiting, and there was only one young lady serving the entire restaurant. We were a bit worried that it might be like 29th Ave Cafe and we wouldn’t be able to order till 45 minutes later.

However, it went pretty smoothly. We got our teas fairly quickly, the orders were taken, and the food arrived shortly after.

DSC_0884Dining table in Kimura Sushi



DSC_0887Edamame $1.50 – tastes very good

DSC_0893Hamachi Sushi (market price)

DSC_0896California Roll $3.00 – unique in that it had black sesame mixed with white ones

DSC_0897Deep Fried Chicken Gizzards $2.50  – super crunchy and delicious with the Japanese mayo and tonkotsu sauce

DSC_0899Lobster Roll – everyone was anticipating this one to be the best…it turned out to be a disappointment….

DSC_0901Agedashi Tofu – super slippery to eat with chopsticks, but very hot and good!

DSC_0904Vancity Roll – we saw someone at another table eating this one and asked her what she was having. We’re glad, cuz it turned out to be everyone’s favourite. The salmon is smoked and has a charcoal-ed taste. The sauce is creamy and rich. A must try!


Snoopy decoration at entrance of restaurant.

The salmon sashimi was super good. It just melted in my mouth. We had to order another plate at the end. It wasn’t properly cut in the ‘Japanese’ way…so it was big and thick, but other than that, no complaints. I must say I was pretty impressed with all the dishes (except the Lobster roll). Some of them weren’t priced bad either. I’ll definitely be coming back here again!!

Food Taste: carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3     Price for Value: carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3

Atmosphere: carrot3carrot3carrot3     Service: carrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3     Location: carrot3carrot3


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