Glutino Bars

It use to be really difficult find nutritional, healthy food when you’re allergic to peanuts, have Celiac, gluten sensitivities, and/or lactose intolerant. Ever try finding a snack that doesn’t have all of them? It’s very difficult! Some may have no peanuts, but they’ve got milk. Others may not have gluten, but they may be filled with nuts. Argh! However, alternatives are gaining popularity, not just amongst those that may have a limited diet, but everyone else as well. And the manufactures are listening to the needs of the customers. One of them is  Glutino – Gluten Free Organic Bars. They are made from rice. (sorry for those who can not have rice…)

The first one up is a bar from Glutino.Yup, rice bars :)

# of Bars: 5 (140 g each)
Cost: about $6.99 @ Safeway
Available flavors of boxes: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Banana, or Wildberry (as seen in photo)

Taste Rating (out of 5): carrot3carrot3carrot3     Price Rating (out of 5): carrot3carrot3carrot3

There are other bars that Glutino sells, but these 3 are organic – it also means a little more pricey as well.

Glutino also sells other products, like bread, waffles, cookies, etc. so check out their website!

MAY CONTAIN: Traces of peanuts, tree nuts,milk, eggs, and soy. If you are extremely allergic to any of these, it’s best to avoid this product!!!

Ingredients: Organic brown rice syrup, organic rice crisp (organic rice, organic evaporated cane juice, salt, organic brown rice syrup), organic corn flakes (organic corn meal, organic concentrated grape juice, sea salt), organic honey, organic evaporated cane juice, natural wildberry flavor, organic quinoa, organic buckwheat, organic flax seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic high oleic sunflower oil, organic blueberries (organic wild blueberries, organic cane juice, organic sunflower oil), organic dried strawberries (organic strawberries, organic cane sugar, organic canola oil).


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