Minato Sushi

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Went to Minato Sushi on a Sunday for lunch. As usual, this place always seems to be bare for a fairly spacious restaurant, and inexpensive, extensive menu.I had tried their sushi before, but since it was one of those low-quality sushi places, I wasn’t too eager on eating any raw fish there. Also, it was another cold winter day, so I opted for a hot nabeyaki-udon with tempura on the side.


ÖNabeyaki-udon with Tempura+sauce $8.95 + tax
(chicken, egg, spinach, wakame-seaweed, naruto-sliced fishball, green onions)

The meals came fairly fast – considering we were one of the few customers there, I guess that makes sense. The nabeyaki-udon looked really good. The soup lacked flavour in the broth, but overall I thought it was ok. The tempura on the other hand was terrible! I was only able to eat one piece before giving the plate to someone else. He also said they weren’t good. They were soaked in oil. The paper towel underneath was all soaked and yellow…I wonder if I can ask if it’s possible to substitute it with a roll next time. I doubt it, which means, I guess another different dish…or simply not go back…

There is pay parking up in front, but the restaurant will reimburse you if you dine there. It’s conveniently located on the corner of Oak St. and Broadway.


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