Toyama Sushi

Toyama Japanese Restaurant 富山日本料理 on Urbanspoon

I have been here many times now, not because I want to, but because the organizer of the social group I am a member of  chooses this restaurant to meet up, I don’t have a choice sometimes.

The restaurant is fairly large and spacious. We usually seat about 20+ people in the group in 3 large tables put together. The server usually comes by to take our orders fairly quickly. Since I know that every time we’ve gome as a group, I knew better to order sushi instead of any cooked dish. They always take longer for those, or we’ve always had a problem with one person’s order being not made. Again, this time, the person sitting diagonally from me, his dish never came. When we had ordered, the waitress had told him that it would take longer , but after 40 minutes, he asked where it was. The manager came by to talk to him, but he was quite upset. Everyone had already finished their dinner. To make it up to him, the manager gave him a plate of 6 California roll pieces.

ÖI ordered the Negitoro roll, Spicy Tuna roll and Spicy Scallop roll.

The food was okay. We needed to ask for the tea several times…my friend had asked for a second glass of beer, but that also didn’t come until the manager had come.

I was sitting about 5 meters from the entrance, and it kept blowing cold air from the outside every time someone left or came in. I was really cold. By the end, I was wearing my jacket.

Food Taste:      Price for Value:

Atmosphere:      Service:      Location:


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