European Breads Bakery: Wheat-free & Gluten-free

European Breads Organic Crepe Cafe & Bakery on Urbanspoon

A new bakery opened up awhile ago in downtown that sells wheat-free and gluten-free bakery! I found out about them on some deal sites, they were doing 50% discounts, so I jumped right in on the opportunity. European Breads Bakery has been open for many many years at the 4326 Fraser St location. But they’ve opened up another one in the heart of downtown on 1262 Burrard St. (and seems to go with the name European Breads Organic Crepe Cafe & Bakery). This location doesn’t seem to have good ratings. Not sure if it’s because it’s still new (and only 13 voted), or since it didn’t seem to have a lot of variety. (but then again, I haven’t been the the one on Fraser, so can’t really compare)

Ratings (out of 5)
 carrot3carrot3carrot3  (it’s great for those that live near Davie and Burrard are, but perhaps not so much if you come by car…)
Cost: carrot3carrot3carrot3 (I think reasonable for the quality, natural ingredients, and care they put into making food gluten-free) A loaf costs about $4-5. Apple rice muffin is $1.95 + tax = $2.18)

Customer Service: carrot3carrot3 (meh. It’s alright. Definitely not like a Starbucks service. I find most of the time I walk in, they don’t acknowledge me, or ask me what I want, they may talk to each other while I’m waiting at the counter right in front of them)
Stock: carrot3 I’ve gone there 5 times which 3 times, they were out of the muffins I wanted. They don’t have a lot of variety at certain times…
Tastecarrot3carrot3carrot3carrot3 the rice muffins are great!!! One muffin I believe has only 2.8 g sugar, and it’s certified organic. Warm it up in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.


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