Well Tea – Downtown

Well Tea 茶井 on Urbanspoon

I’d seen their ads in the KLIP magazine several times and wanted to go there. So I invited my friend for a dinner there on a Saturday evening.

This Taiwanese restaurant/cafe is fairly spacious. Right beside the downtown location of BCIT, I was a bit surprised to see it almost empty. I thought it would be filled with students. The tables had the electronic bell ring – so Asian. LOL. Very handy when you need service and the staff are too busy to notice. However, in this restaurant, it may not be necessary. But this was the first time, and the only time I’ve gone, so can’t really say how it is other days/times. But a 59% rating on Urbanspoon tells me I’m not the only one that wasn’t happy with the experience.

My friend was running late, so I started off with the Milk Tea $4.25. It could be cuz I’ve taken a lot of my sugar diet out that I found it very sweet. Too sweet to finish…however, it did come in a glass pot and a nice tea cup.


We both ordered the shrimp wonton with noodles in soup $6.95. We were both disappointed in the bland flavour. It was thumbs down T_T…

Food Taste:      Price for Value:

Atmosphere:      Service:      Location:


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