Sushi California

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I drove by this place everyday to work as it was under construction. When I saw the name, I thought ‘great, another sushi place! Like we need more in Vancouver!’.Because of the name, I thought it was going to be another failed sushi restaurant. Well…I was wrong.

After they opened, I noticed that the restaurant had quite a number of customers. Driving by, I couldn’t tell if it was full, but it seemed popular. So I decided to give it a try.

The staff greets the customer with a ‘irrashai!’ in Japanese (though none of them are Japanese staff), meaning ‘welcome’. Most restaurants in Japan do this, so I guess they are trying to seem more authentic. Being new, the restaurant is clean and modern, bright with good atmosphere. I was really surprised at the cheap prices for a new restaurant and not only that, but being on Broadway by Cambie St. The rent must not be cheap!

I ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll (only $2.95!) and my favourite Negitoro Roll (only $2.75!) The rolls came together on a nice flower dish. I must say the presentation was nice.As for the taste, the Negitoro gets a thumbs up. Two thumbs up for the price. The Spicy Tuna Roll on the other hand was that spectacular. The rice was dry and hard…disappointed in the tuna, but the service was really good.

The washrooms are always a test to see if one keeps their restaurant really clean. I was surprised that it was really nice, with plants with modern decor.

We tried going back there twice, but once it was closed (got there at 10pm…) and another time, there was a looooong line up (and gave up)…so…I guess we’ll have to go back at less peak times. See full menu on Urbanspoon.




IMG_20121227_194419Spicy Tuna Roll $2.95 and Negitoro Roll $2.75

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