Tenhachi Japanese Restaurant 天八和食 on Urbanspoon

This is my favourite Japanese restaurant in Vancouver! Unfortunately, they closed on Jan 15, 2013…which is why I went to dine for the last time. (they do say that they will reopen elsewhere, but who knows where and when! Also, when things change, the food also changes…)

My parents love this place and many Japanese (or Japanese food enthusiasts) like this place for their very authentic Japanese dishes. I had told my guest that it was my favourite restaurant, but the first thing he asked me with a skeptical face was ‘THIS is your FAVOURITE restaurant?” as if he thought I was crazy. I think most people that go to this restaurant are thrown off from the old, western style, somewhat cheesy interior. Located on the first floor of the Shaughnessy Village, it’s a little out of place. However, as soon as you walk in, you can smell the real Japanese cuisine! Mmmmmm~ 😀

The Teishoku are the best…well, everything is delicious. You can tell the quality by the tea they serve. Yes! It’s really dark green…not the watered down, yellow, tasteless tea you get at cheap Japanese wanna-be restaurants.

Prices are moderate with teishoku (a set which includes the main dish, miso soup, rice, vegetables, salad, pickles) ranging from $15-$18. For the quality, it’s well worth it! The servers are friendly and the food may be slow at times, but since I always go there with a group, the wait doesn’t seem that bad.

Since they were closing down, some of the menu items were already crossed off…mostly the fish dishes.
I ordered the Karage Teishoku $15.95. The rice was fluffy and the right dampness – perfect. The miso soup is light with a variety of veggies in it. The side vegetable dishes were good, and reminded me of dining in Japan. The karage was crispy on the outside, and juicey inside. The salad on the side was lightly dressed- just the way I like it.

IMG_20130113_181238Karage Teishoku $15.95

I would recommend this to everyone who wants to try authentic Japanese cuisine. However, I guess you’ll have to wait until they reopen… I’m gonna miss them!! T_T


2 thoughts on “Tenhachi

  1. Great review. I read this blog when searching on urbanspoon. They moved to 5600 block of Victoria drive in East Van. They’re now called Aotoya. Happy eating.

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