Tokyo John Sushi

Tokyo John Sushi Downtown on Urbanspoon

Newly opened Tokyo John Sushi – the name threw me off at the beginning. I knew it wasn’t an authentic Japanese restaurant. No Japanese would call their restaurant with a name John. However, since I was hosting an event there, I got to check the place out.

Being new, it was clean and modern. Very spacious for a restaurant in downtown. Only a block away from Robson St. The interior decor is modern and the seats, comfy. The Korean staff were friendly and accommodating for our big group +15 ppl.


Since I always tend to get the same sushi at various restaurants, I thought I’d go for something different. I ordered the Hokkaido Roll $9. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw what came. Although it was beautifully presented, it had only 6 small pieces. I was not even close to being full. The roll was tasty, but it was more of the presentation that struck me as impressive.

IMG_20130109_193437Hokkaido Roll $9

Me and my friend noticed someone else order something fancy. It looked interesting. We asked what she was having and told us it was called Tokyo John Tower $14. We ordered one and shared. It had crab, scallops, tuna, daikon and lightly grilled salmon. It was in a shape of a round cake, in ponzu sauce. I thought it was a bit salty and sour, while my friend said it was too sweet for him – interesting. Either way, it was an interesting dish. A good dish. Pricey though…you wont be full eating this either.

IMG_20130109_200728Tokyo John Tower $14

Overall it was a good experience. Good service, the food is good (great presentation) and nice atmosphere.

Food Taste:      Price for Value:

Atmosphere:      Service:


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