Koko Japanese Restaurant

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Koko restaurant has enclosed sections for half the tables, making it comfortable for you and your guests to have an private table while you dine. The restaurant is fairly big, but it was more than half empty. We wondered if it was going to go out of business. My guest who had gone there a few times long before me said it looked run down…I could tell that the restaurant has been there for a while, but it wasn’t disgusting or filthy in any way.

koko__menulogo_koko As a graphic designer, I must point out that they have a really terrible logo…I dunno, it reminds me of Midas…an automobile repair shop…very ugly. Awful colours. Nothing about it says ‘authentic higher-quality Japanese sushi’…Perhaps I should go there next time to propose a new logo…and branding…




There was only one waitress, but since there were only 3, 4 small groups dining, the service wasn’t delayed or sacrificed. Like an authentic Japanese restaurant, we were given hot wet rolled-up towels to clean our hands.

I ordered my favourite Negitoro roll $4.50 (6 pieces), 1 Tamago $1.50 (egg) and 2 salmon ($1.95 each). My guest had the Assorted Sushi $17.95


Taste is really good. They use really good nori (seaweed) – a way of telling if they use cheap or high quality food ingredients in their cuisine. The negitoro’s rice is a bit compressed for my liking, but delicious. The salmon is the best that I’ve seen around in sushi restaurants. Not bad for $1.95 either.
My guest’s combo on the other hand is pricey. $18 for 4 rolls and 8 nigiri is a bit high…the quality again is good, but definitely not filling. In the end, with tip and taxes, it came out to be $37. For that price, you can eat at Momo Sushi 5 times, coming out stuffed every time.

Again a bit pricey for my range, but very good quality.

Food Taste:      Price for Value:

Atmosphere:      Service:


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