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I had never heard of this place until I saw a deal on Groupon for $45 worth of dishes for $22. The coupon included:

  • One tataki salad with seared toro or tuna (a $7.50 value)
  • 12-piece order of fried pork gyoza dumplings (a $9.90 value)
  • One 6-piece california roll (a $3.25 value)
  • One feux d’artifice roll (a $12.95 value)
  • Two small orders of vegetable udon (a $5.95 value each)

The restaurant was super small. 3 tiny tables. 6 people and the restaurant is full. I think that’s why they installed mirrors for the walls, to give the illusion that it was more spacious. However, it was clean.

There were 3 couples, so it was full, and all of us were using the Groupon LOL, so we all had the same thing.

Ö Mirror walled restaurant

Torching the feux d’artifice roll

Ö feux d’artifice roll

Ö tataki salad

Ö Udon

Ö Gyoza

ÖCalifornia roll

The takaki salad was really good. I tend to not order salad at restaurants cuz I think they’re over priced. Also, other than the fish, you can easily make the salad yourself at home. But since it was already included in the course, I had no complaints. It was really good. Maybe my favourite dish out of all of them. The gyoza was nothing fancy. A bit greasy, and what you might expect from a Chinese run ‘Japanese’ restaurant. The cali-rolls and udon were alright. The feux d’artifice roll was interesting as the server pulled out her torch to torch the top of the rolls. The masago popped as the flame went by.

Overall, we were happy with the food, service speed and the were stuffed at the end. However, for the quality, we thought that the original price was was a bit expensive. $35 would have been more appropriate. However, the Groupon was a good deal. Did the Groupon get a new royal customer? Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be going back. Even with another exact deal, I’m not too sure I’ll jump onto it again. Great service though!

Food Taste:      Price for Value:

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4 thoughts on “Hanafubuki

  1. Your article reminds me that I had bought the same coupon of Hanafubuki sushi. Their food is just amazing! As a white person, all the dishes offered on the groupon are totally right to me! The gyoza is the best! It’s more like a home made style, rich flavour, and right texture. I am their regular customer now and, to make me even happier, they have brown rice, organic spring mix, gluton free soy sauce and wild salmon available! They use baked yam instead of deep fried ones for their delicious yam rolls! I love Hanafubuki Sushi!

  2. Hi Karen! Thanks for your comment! Maybe cuz I’m Japanese that I’m was a bit too harsh on the review…lol…
    I didn’t know that they had such healthy choices! Thanks for letting me know! Hmmm…I might go back again and try something else…:)

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