Tatsu Japanese Bistro

Tatsu Japanese Bistro on UrbanspoonTatsu Japanese Bistro

It’s convenietnly located along Commercial, just minutes from the Commercial/Broadway train station. I went there with a huge group (social group) of about 20 ppl. We nearly took over half the restaurant.

The Japanese servers were very friendly. The restaurant was very modern and had a good atmosphere. The menu was nicely designed. I really like restaurants (most of the time Asian restaurants) that use photos to show what the dishes will look like. This is always very helpful!


I ordered the Salmon Takaki Roll $8.95
It was really good. Other people at the table were also happy with their dishes. It seemed very healthy. Upon looking at their website, it was no surprise that we felt this ‘healthy-appeal’ with the dishes, they listed:

  • We use wild sockeye salmon only.
  • We use organic eggs and organic spring mixes.
  • Brown rice, black rice, low sodium soy sauce or gluten free soy sauce is available.

Since I was there meeting friends and new people, I didn’t get a chance to really evaluate the restaurant and the food. But it was good, so I’ll be returning again for another closer look. Their menu looks very appetizing, so I’ll try something I usually don’t order next time! I recommend!!

Food Taste:      Price for Value:

Atmosphere:      Service:



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