This Blog is moving to !!!

Sorry everyone for the delay in my blog posts! I certainly haven’t abandoned it! I have been busy trying to move all my posts to my new domain at

There’s a lot of technical issues, updating links for social media and configuring the site  has been a bit time consuming. (which I will blog about the process later on) I’ve also created a new Facebook page, so please also check that out, and ‘Like’! 😀

All the posts from this old blog (the one you’re reading now) has been transferred to
I haven’t announced it yet though since there are still some backend setup and configurations that I’m working on.
I don’t want to announce and drive traffic to it when it’s not all ready.

So please update your bookmarks! Unfortunately, if you are a subscriber to (this old blog), then your email wont be transferred to the new blog automatically.
If you’d like to keep receiving notifications, please subscribe again. (however, I still haven’t gotten the email subscriber widget running on yet…so please wait a little longer…>_<
I will also announce on the new blog once the email subscriber is up and running)

I will post one last time again on this blog when I’m done and can officially announce that the new site is up and running. 🙂 I just didn’t want everyone to think that I had forgotten about this blog 😉

Stay tuned~ or already move to! 😀 Thanks!


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