*This IdeaRabbit wordpress blog is no longer updated (as of March 16, 2013), and has moved to IdeaRabbit.ca !!! Please check out the new site for more blog posts by Idea Rabbit!*

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey everyone! Welcome to idea rabbit’s blog!! 😀 Thanks for coming to check me out!

‘idea rabbit’ began in an illustration class in 2007. The assignment was to do a comic strip. I got hooked into the cute, adorable characters that are popular in Japan when I lived there briefly and wanted to incorporate it into the project. I came up with a cute rabbit character and story for my class project and it was well-received. The name ‘idea‘ was given since the program at the school was called I.D.E.A. (Illustration and Design: Elements and Applications) and the story of the comic-strip was about the day and life of an IDEA student, or rather idea rabbit. Since then, the name kinda stuck and thought it was used as a mascot for this blog about creative ideas, inspirations and creations. However, blogging only about design and art became limiting, so I expanded to anything that I thought was well worth blogging about. Living in a city like Vancouver, it’s no surprise that a lot of the posts are on restaurants and cafes.

You’ll sometimes see me (the rabbit) as an illustration or a stuffed rabbit posing in front of artwork and things. Hehehehe.

If you have any comments, questions, or have recently seen a cool/neat design/project and want it featured on the blog just email me at idearabbit@yahoo.com!

Follow me on @idea_rabbit on Twitter for more updates on a whole variety of things! 😀 Also link to my children illustration ebook on Amazon!

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