Well Tea – Downtown

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I’d seen their ads in the KLIP magazine several times and wanted to go there. So I invited my friend for a dinner there on a Saturday evening.

This Taiwanese restaurant/cafe is fairly spacious. Right beside the downtown location of BCIT, I was a bit surprised to see it almost empty. I thought it would be filled with students. The tables had the electronic bell ring – so Asian. LOL. Very handy when you need service and the staff are too busy to notice. However, in this restaurant, it may not be necessary. But this was the first time, and the only time I’ve gone, so can’t really say how it is other days/times. But a 59% rating on Urbanspoon tells me I’m not the only one that wasn’t happy with the experience.

My friend was running late, so I started off with the Milk Tea $4.25. It could be cuz I’ve taken a lot of my sugar diet out that I found it very sweet. Too sweet to finish…however, it did come in a glass pot and a nice tea cup.


We both ordered the shrimp wonton with noodles in soup $6.95. We were both disappointed in the bland flavour. It was thumbs down T_T…

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Take 10 @ Take5 Cafe

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Monday to Saturday: 6:30am – 7:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm

So I’ve blogged about Take5 before, but it was more focused on their coffee cup. (see previous blog post).

I’ve been to the downtown Vancouver one several times, but I and my coworker recently went to the new one in New Westminster at Brewery District area. It was new, with no customers…well it’s in a location that doesn’t have much traffic foot-wise…but it’s a newly renovated neighborhood with new condos in the near future, so it should prosper then.

The staff was really friendly and helpful. The drink was good. Can’t really think of anything bad about it. 🙂

Very clean, slick and modern designed cafe.

One of the table is from Restoration Hardware which my co-worker was really excited about. LOL

Comfy seats in a well organized and welcoming interior.

Waves Coffee

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Like Blenz, another Vancouver-based coffee shop that’s grown over the years.

I tend to go to Starbucks, but recently went to Waves for a craft lesson I held at one of their meeting rooms they have.
It’s free to use the room, as long as you (and other people who will use the meeting room) to purchase a drink.
Not all locations have a meeting room, so be sure to check out their website for locations.

I’ve definitely fallen in love with their Rooibus Cappuccino. It’s made like the regular cappuccino, but with rooibus tea.
This is great if you don’t drink caffeine (it’s caffeine free), or you simply love tea more than coffee. I have not yet seen this drink anywhere else!

With a lot of people on the run…especially in downtown, and everyone carrying their coffee cups, it’s no brainer that Waves came up with their simple, yet brilliant lid.
Ever started running for that bus that you don’t want to miss, only to end up spilling coffee over your nice coat? I’ve done it so many times T_T

With Waves’ lid, you slide the compartment, and it closes! Keeps the liquid inside the cup, and maybe even warm longer.

And then when you want to drink, slide the tab, and viola! A hole!

Their branding isn’t very strong…which is why I think why so many people confuse Waves with the other coffee shops – I know I did before I started to closely look at all the different cafes.
I heard that some of their desserts are better than the other competitors, so I know that they do have good food and drinks! And like I mentioned, the only big-chain coffee shop that has private meeting rooms for customers. (you will need to book the rooms in advanced)

Bel Cafe

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I went to Bel Cafe the other day to purchase their tea that’s partnering up with Karma Exchange, a social enterprise helping people in Ghana gain access to clean water and education.

I know their bags aren’t printed by them. The Bel Cafe logo is a sticker placed on those generic black bags. But still! Very cute, modern and simple. Love it!!

I had the privilege of taking Bel Cafe‘s tea’s and adding the Karma Exchange‘s hearts and info!!!
“Treat yourself to some Karma Tea from SPOT Tea at Bel Cafe. A delicate blend of ginger, mint, and citrus, this organic tea is a perfect blend of relaxation and joy that is sure to melt stress away. Each time you purchase a cup ($2.50) or a canister of Karma Tea ($11.00) from Bel Cafe, 25% of your puchase will go toward the Sanga Primary School Water Project.” Click here to see more about the deal and supported charity.

Here is what the tin looks like aligned with all the other flavours available on their shelf!
To get your Karma Tea, go to Bel Cafe at 801 W. Georgia St. Vancouver, BC!!!

Bel Cafe‘s other products on their shelves.

Very stylish design!


JJ Bean

JJ Bean (Woodward's) on Urbanspoon
JJ Bean – another modern, slick cafe.

I love their cup design! Very Vancouver too!

Very distinct sleeve~

The back of their sleeve.

Their napkins

Now this was very interesting! You open up the napkin, and it’s actually a comment card! I’m not sure how many people notice it though…very neat with the fake coffee cup stain on the napkin as well!