BC Hydro: Fridge Buy-Back Program

So with the recent hunt for a new fridge, a staff at Sears told me about the BC Hydro’s fridge buy-back program, and thought I’d look into it. For a fridge that measures between 10-24 cubic feet and is still working, BCΒ Hydro will pick it up, recycle it, and give you $30Β  for it. (only when you call will you find out that you will get the check in the mail many weeks later)

Sears, along with many other appliance sellers will charge $25 to take back your old fridge when they deliver your new fridge. So, I thought this was a good deal that you actually get paid for something you don’t need and they will take it away for free. HOWEVER! There is a catch – like with any too-good-to-be-true story. πŸ˜›

When I called them, they told me that the staff can not set food in the building of the apartment. This meant that I would have to pull and push the fridge out of my suite, into the elevator, out to the lobby and somehow get it out onto the streets to the truck. I asked the building manager if there was a place that I could leave the fridge when the Sears delivery staff were here to drop off my new fridge. He said ‘no’. No fridge can be placed outside my suite. Even if I could, the fact that BC Hydro can not come right away, it would mean that the fridge be sitting there or in my living room for 5 days.

Also, they only pickup during business hours – 7:30am-4:30pm. How convenient! How are people who work and can not get time off suppose to do this? Luckily, my office was flexible.

I did make an appointment, but once the Sears delivery staff were there, I just let them take my old fridge – and I’m really glad I did! The two built men had a tough time getting it out of my apartment! Not so much because of the weight, but because my kitchen and doorway is sooooo tiny and cramped. They ended up scratching the laminate flooring T_T….not happy about that…argh. Can I send in a complaint to Sears and get some discount? lol

After the old fridge was gone, I cancelled my pickup with BC Hydro. Buy-back program fail?


IKEA Karlstad Sofa

So when I was a student a few years back. My sofa in the living was composed of foam mattresses and blankets rolled up into sort of a ‘sofa’. Of course, since it was tied together with strings, it kept falling apart. Once I graduated, I bought a small compact SOLSTA sofa-bed from IKEA. $169 + tax and delivery. (see how I sold it for $80 on Craigslist in my other blog post)

My old Solsta sofa bed in living room

Karlstad sofa and chaise at IKEA showroom

However, although it was nice, it was time for an upgrade. So…we recently went to IKEA and got the ‘buy one sofa, get the second on 50%’ deal πŸ™‚ Because my living is so small, I had to pick carefully.
Luckily, IKEA has a wide selection of different sizes, styles, colours and prices.

Because we had a mini-van and transported it ourselves this time, we didn’t have to pay for delivery. πŸ™‚

Tadaaa~! The new Karlstad Sofa and Chaise!! in Lindo Beige. Originally $1199.99 + tax = $1343.99. But with the promo, it came out at $1041.00 with tax! Big savings! πŸ˜€ It took a few hours to put it together and put the covers on, but it was well worth it!! Yay!!

My new Karlstad sofa and chaise in my living room!

Smart Canucks Website

I just found a cool website that I felt I needed to share with you. You already know that I love discount and bargains, so this site was a sweet find.

It’s Freestuff.SmartCanucks.ca The website is pretty extensive with forums, coupons, flyers, and a freebie section! There’s tons to choose from, so it’ great! I live the flyer section since I get to see the flyers I want to see in one section instead of going to each retail’s website to see their flyer. I also don’t have to fill my physical mailbox with real flyers. Let’s be eco-friendly!

The freebie section has free samples from various big name brands like Calvin Klein, Burt’s Bees, Herbal Essence, and so on!

I have only started to scratch the surface of the website…so go check it out yourself and save! πŸ˜€

Ocean Breeze Spa

1025 Mainland Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R6
Neighbourhoods: Downtown, Yaletown

(604) 669-9700

I bought a threading coupon from SocialShopper for $7. Regular is $15. I was skeptical of buying because of the previous reviews on Yelp, but thought I’d try it out for myself, especially since it was 50% off – and only 7 bucks.

The cashier at the front was friendly when I walked in (though not so much when leaving), but the person doing the threading wasn’t. After it was done, she was a bit rough rubbing lotion around my eyes and forehead… she didn’t clean any of my eyebrows that were threaded, so once I came home, I saw plucked eyebrows all over my face! Embarrassing, after the fact that I had gone to several shops afterward! and when you have black hair – it’s noticeable. She also didn’t do a good job, so I had to use my tweezers once back home for some missed hair.

Verdict: I wont be going back!

Great Deal Sites

I love saving money, and I’m always searching for ways to save. I’m known as the ‘coupon girl’ since I’m always carrying coupons for this and that. It may be a dollar here and there, but if you look at the amount you saved during the month, it can really add up.

Thank god for deal sites! I just love them! I am subscribed to:

  • Groupon: probably the biggest deal site out there…I find that most people know Groupon, so even if I bought a deal elsewhere, I usually say I have a ‘groupon‘.
  • SocialShopper: my favourite and the site where I’ve bought most of my deals from
  • SwarmJam: I think I bought once from them. Not a lot of selection that interest me. They do have an auction for gift cards which you can bid with your SwarmJam points which you accumulate through purchases and signing in every day. However, I have not seen the gift card auction on their site for some time, so not sure if they got rid of that.
  • Social Living: have never bought from them. I don’t find their deals that great…so I tend to go with other sites for similar products/services
  • TeamBuy: I’ve bought some stuff from them. They are pretty big, and got tons of deals to choose from
  • DealFind: bought 1 deal from them… not much else to say…
  • Buytopia: bought like 2 deals when I started getting into the deal site craze…
  • WagJag and MadDeal: I haven’t bought anything from them so far
  • Steal the Deal: remember those ads that had people with robber’s eye mask? I thought they were different and more interesting that Buytopia‘s bland ads. However, they’ve shut down –Β  which comes as a surprise, considering itΒ  was owned and operated by Sunmedia. More on the topic here.

Let me know of other deal sites that you use that are good. I’ve saved a lot and have found out about places that I wouldn’t have otherwise…which is most of them – so I guess it’s good marketing for those businesses.

Today’s featured deal on Groupon

I found a great deal on Groupon for a sushi restaurant that I haven’t been to. But since I’ve bought it, I certainly be blogging about it afterward πŸ™‚

The restaurant is called Hanafubuki Sushi. It’s located on Robson street in downtown.

The deal is pretty awesome. $22 for a five-course sushi meal for two. It’s valued at $45.50, so that’s a 51% discount!! How great is that! πŸ˜€ There’s already over 670 bought and limited quantity is available, so get yours now!

For just $22, you get:

  • One tataki salad with seared toro or tuna (a $7.50 value)
  • 12-piece order of fried pork gyoza dumplings (a $9.90 value)
  • One 6-piece california roll (a $3.25 value)
  • One feux d’artifice roll (a $12.95 value)
  • Two small orders of vegetable udon (a $5.95 value each)

The voucher doesn’t expire until April 17, 2013, giving you plenty of time to go and dine! Hurry! There’s only 3 days left to buy (at the time this blog post is published) Click here to go to the Groupon site now.

Check back later to see my blog about this restaurant! πŸ˜€ If you go before I do, please leave a comment or link to your blog about it.

IKEA Cafeteria

IKEA Restaurant on Urbanspoon


With the recent upgrading of my furniture and interior decorations – from a student lifestyle to a working designer, we’ve been to IKEA more than we can count on our fingers. Also, almost every time we go, we stop by the fairly cheap cafeteria.

Meatballs (10 pieces) + Milestone soup with bun

The price is really cheap. Pasta with tomato sauce is only $1.99. The taste is a bit bland, but it’s perfect for students! Or, if you’re trying to save up for a nice new sofa πŸ˜‰ We always get the Meatball Plate (15 pieces of meatballs and mashed potatoes with gravy) for $5.99 On Tuesdays, it’s even cheaper for $2.99 from 2pm till closing. This special offer is on until Dec 31st 2012. There’s also an Organic Chicken Mandarin Salad – Regualary for $5.99, but $3.99 on Wed after 11am. They’ve got the Haddock & Chips for $6.49 but only $2.99 on Thurs from 2pm till closing. The taste is pretty decent for the price, and you get to eat it in the nicely designed IKEA cafeteria.

You pick up the dishes you want, and drinks are self-serve – so no tip required! The cafeteria is kept fairly clean at all times, and very well lit.

It’s worth giving it a try! There are two locations in Lower Mainland: (note that the hours for the store and restaurant is different!)

3320 Jacombs Rd. Richmond
Store Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am – 9pm | Saturday: 9am – 8pm | Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Restaurant hours: Monday to Friday: 9:30am – 8pm | Saturday: 8:30am – 7pm |Sunday: 9:30am – 5pm

1000 Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam
Store Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am – 9pm | Saturday: 9am – 8pm | Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Restaurant hours: Monday to Friday: 9:30am – 8pm | Saturday: 8:30am – 7pm | Sunday: 9:30am – 5pm