Glenmore Printing: Promotional Piece

Recently at work, we received a promotional piece from Glenmore Printing. I couldn’t resist to blog about it, so here it is.

It came in a cute little box with 4 circles with 1950s illustrations of people. which opened up with 4 square boxes – 2 red and 2 yellow. Each with a tea bag inside which was supplied by Secret Garden Tea Company. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try out the tea…


Ö  Ö


As you can see in the video they put together on how it was made (, the boxes were assembled by hand! Well, the boxes are really delicate, so I guess you would have to do them by hand.

I personally haven’t worked with Glemore, so I can’t really say about their service and print quality (other than the promotional piece), but if you need big print jobs, they are the printer to go to. Their website says they do custom printed paperboard, corrugated boxes, cartons & sleeves, large/small sized boxes or small, long run or short and much more.

“With full in house finishing, your packaging is printed and assembled locally under our roof to lower costs, improve turnaround times, and maintain high levels of quality. Our team of packaging experts can quickly provide you with a correct layout and printed samples to help you visualize your finished product.” – Glemore Printing

Tel: 604.273.6323
Toll Free: 1.866.333.6323
Address: Unit 150 – 13751 Mayfield Place, Richmond, B.C. V6V 2G9


Bel Cafe

Bel Cafe on Urbanspoon

I went to Bel Cafe the other day to purchase their tea that’s partnering up with Karma Exchange, a social enterprise helping people in Ghana gain access to clean water and education.

I know their bags aren’t printed by them. The Bel Cafe logo is a sticker placed on those generic black bags. But still! Very cute, modern and simple. Love it!!

I had the privilege of taking Bel Cafe‘s tea’s and adding the Karma Exchange‘s hearts and info!!!
“Treat yourself to some Karma Tea from SPOT Tea at Bel Cafe. A delicate blend of ginger, mint, and citrus, this organic tea is a perfect blend of relaxation and joy that is sure to melt stress away. Each time you purchase a cup ($2.50) or a canister of Karma Tea ($11.00) from Bel Cafe, 25% of your puchase will go toward the Sanga Primary School Water Project.” Click here to see more about the deal and supported charity.

Here is what the tin looks like aligned with all the other flavours available on their shelf!
To get your Karma Tea, go to Bel Cafe at 801 W. Georgia St. Vancouver, BC!!!

Bel Cafe‘s other products on their shelves.

Very stylish design!


A friend recently bought me Danier leather gloves for my birthday.

It had a nice box that could be easily flattened. Tissue paper was branded with the ‘D’ logo, as well as the sticker to keep it closed. 🙂

Close up.

I think the bag could have done a little better. Plastic bags, even with those handle just don’t give it a high-end quality look and feel to it. But the design is nice.

The hangtag is very lovely. The ‘D’ you see is UV on the paper. Very simple but effective.

Jukebox Printers

Woo hoo! is just right! Excited to receive my own free sample pack from Jukebox!

The woo~ continues with metallic printing on the back of the envelope. Closed with a happy smiley sticker!

Open up the envelope and it’s a compartment with different business cards and postcards in the pouch!  Very well packaged!
An impressive sample pack!

Even includes a nice discount card for your next print order 😀

Plus, a personalized letter – with again, metallic printing on the side…shiny!

Woooo! So many good samples. Good to see a variety!

Ah! You can’t see it well, but the pattern is all gold metallic! Very lovely.

So it looks like a regular black card. So what right? Wrong! It’s actually suede! It feels fuzzy~! 😀

Go check out their website: and get your prints done at Jukebox today!